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Ô Vermillon

Is an Illustrator based in Seoul

Ô Vermillon! Shout it from the hills, fields, and forests, for all to hear - and see. Clear, brilliant colors reminiscent of densely pigmented vermilion splash across finely detailed scenes that convey a sense of warmth and coziness. Catch illustrator Chezlin and her family saunter past you as they enjoy common yet timeless pleasures outdoors in every season of the year. Personifying those carefree days away from all our troubles, the imagery reveals to us that je ne sais quoi that fills our hearts with joy and reminds us of our most memorable moments with loved ones.


Selected Clients

Latest Exhibitions

Alpaca World, South Korea
Hani Lavendar Farm, South Korea
Hanwha Hotel & Resort, South Korea
Nami Island, South Korea
Terarosa Coffee, South Korea





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